This will be my final post on this campaign website.

As I disable my campaign website, file the final financial report and dispose of campaign stuff, I feel lighter, unburdened and my blood pressure is coming down.

I'm not satisfied with the outcome of this election, but the voting citizens of Valencia County have spoken. This campaign has been an extraordinary opportunity to see how the political sausage is made in our democracy. It’s also important to point out that there are no “checks and balances” in The Valencia County government administration as it is now made up of one political party as a result of the last election.

I thank:

Logan Jeffers for making the phone call to me back in March that got this going.

Kathy McCord, Duana Draszkiewicz and Tom Mraz for sage advice.

Joan Baker for her dedication to the Democratic party of Valencia County while juggling running a business while raising her children during a pandemic.

Santos Griego for connecting me with the Central New Mexico Labor Council and their generous endorsement.

Juan Sanchez and Garret Veneklasen for reaching out to my campaign on behalf of Senator Martin Heinrich's Lobo Pac with the endorsement and technical support via Vote Builder.

My friends and family, especially my wife, for helping with their time and resources.

I became involved with the Valencia County Democrats and the NM Democratic Party because I wanted to help Congresswoman Torres-Small in her reelection campaign, but I found myself with my own campaign instead. After studying the party platform, I believe that the NM Dems have gone too far left embracing an agenda that does not represent New Mexicans. We are New Mexico not New York or California like we've been branded by the GOP as a result. I believe New Mexico is more moderate and should extend our platform to include moderates everywhere.

New Mexico needs:

  • Public Lands that are conserved for and open for use by its citizens, not just a few wealthy persons or industrial interests. Public lands must provide joint use with public ownership and oversight. Public lands also provide significant positive economic impact via employment and tourist dollars.

  • Water law changes that protect this essential resource for today and our future. This is especially clear with climate change and diminished, available water from snow pack and rain.

  • Health care, first class and available to all at a reasonable price.

  • Renewable/Sustainable power. Our resources are the sun and open space. Roof top solar is a good start, but wind must be incorporated into this folio.

  • High speed internet service regulated as an essential utility available to all, everywhere. End the Digital Divide!”

  • Support for law enforcement. Unless NM Government steps up and addresses funding, training and qualified immunity we will loose experienced officers.

  • Recycling Programs to reduce the volumes going into landfill while reclaiming resources.

  • Economic Development. Outdoor recreation provides significant employment. Small businesses mean local paychecks, local revenue for government and employment our citizens.

  • Planning and Zoning that looks to the future while embracing our heritage. Protecting the “Green Belt” for farming while allowing for development in creative ways to stimulate the economy.

  • Education. Education is the foundation of our democracy and economy. We must provide a first class education for our children. To do this we must pay fund our schools and pay our teachers equally to neighboring states.

Sincerely, Dave Tynan

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