Top Priority - What happened to the HOSPITAL?

Updated: May 22, 2020

VC Medical Facility. This will be my top priority.

This initiative has been fumbled since 2006, 14 years and the taxpayers deserve a resolution.

Following a successful "landslide" referendum in 2006 of 14,245 votes for and 4,438 opposed, to collect a property tax mill levy of 2.75, Valencia County collected taxes totaling $26M. It’s clear that Valencia County wants a “hospital.”

However, since that 2006 vote the Valencia County Commissioners have continued to "kick this down the road" and not been able to build the hospital demanded by that vote. My opponent has been on the Valencia County Commission for 6 years with No Hospital or even a plan to build one on any site! Of course, there's some movement now in an election year and with my comments in the Valencia New Bulletin, April 22nd as motivation. This is a dismal record and would never be allowed in business. I have a decades long resume of successfully achieving year-over-year; meeting multi-million dollar annual capital and operational budgets. I will make this my top priority.

Please respond and let me know your thoughts on this topic..


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